Adjustable stainless steel landing nets for catching small animals (cats, birds etc.). 2 rubber grip handles. Open/close; slide to adjust. Fine meshes to reduce risk of injury. Strong nylon net. 20 mm diameter aluminium tube. Code: 192480 - Adjustable capture landing net Read more [...] [...]

Adson Brown Forceps

Adson Dissecting Forceps

Adson Serrated Forceps

Alms Retractor

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Micronised Aluminium Spay 200ml Aluspray forms a barrier for wounds on all animals. Completely covering the wound and without damaging the wound tissue. An excellent preventative spray against bacteria, dirt, flies and insects on wounds.   Read more [...] [...]
Professional standard American-style pole for capturing dogs of all sizes. 2 grip handles, one with a locking handle to lock the cable. 22 mm diameter aluminium reinforced tube. 6 mm 7-strand stainless steel cable; very strong with plastic sheath. Instant cable release system, via the ball handle. Code: 192414 American pole, reinforced tube 120cm Code: 192416 American pole, reinforced tube 150cm Read more [...] [...]


Ampicillin 200mg