Lintex Poultice

Instrument Cleaner

Apitraz for bees. Apitraz® is a veterinary medicine product designed by Laboratorios Calier S.A. for the treatment of external parasitism caused by Varroa destructor in honey bees (Apis melífera). Every multi-layer sachet contains 10 white rectangular plastic strips with two tabs and a marker fold line. There allow an easier handling and placement of the strips in the hive. The strips are designed specifically per each type of bee-hive: • Large strip (30 cm length): Hives type Layens Read more [...] [...]
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Description: A set designed for the administration of blood and blood products which can also deliver saline solutions.

Tubing Diameter: 4mm

Tubing Length: 1550mm (4.5ft)

Drops per ml: Blood 15       Distilled Water 20

Filter Size: 200 MICRON

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Description: A pressurised cuff for rapid intravenous infusion and other occasions where fluid under pressure is required e.g irrigation of op side or wounds.  The cuff has the capacity for up to 1 litre and is easy to use with high quality dial and inflation system, simple to use and load with zip fastenings.

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Description: A large bore coiled giving set for multi-bag infusion of fluids in large animal and equines.

Tubing Diameter: 5mm

Tubing Length: 4280mm (14ft)

Drops per ml: Distilled Water Approx 12.5 (All Rates up to 150 drops per minute)

Filter Size: N/A

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Description: A 2 into 1 set which provides an easy and reliable method of delivering IV fluids from two seperate fluid containers, either in series or parallel.

Tubing Diameter: 3mm

Tubing Length: 2300 (7.5ft)

Drops per ml: Distilled Water 20

Filter size: 15 MICRON