Atomizer/ Throat Sprayer

Deliver topical anesthetic to the nose, throat, hypo pharynx, vocal cords, larynx, and trachea prior to airway manipulation such as intubation, endoscopy, rhinoscopy, and soft palate exam. The benefit is a reduced gag and sensation, reducing pulse, and blood pressure response to intubation.

  • Atomize medication into a fine mist of particles 50-80 microns.
  • 15Fr (4.7mm) tip x 6.5 inch (15cm) malleable, conformable tube for targeted deposition of medication.
  • 5cc syringe is recommended for accurate dosing and proper pressure.
  • Priming volume is 0.2ml.
  • Use a 3 ml syringe for a minimum forecast distance of 100mm upon exiting the sprayer tip, under 25Kpa pressure, to form an area of diameter of no less than 70mm.

Code: 5380 – Atomizer/ Throat Sprayer atomizer-throat-sprayer