Drum Long Line Catheter

  • Drum is a HANDS FREE advancement system designed to minimize touch contamination.
  • Introduction technique: Catheter through catheter.
  • The INTRODUCER CATHETER STAYS INDWELLING, and the long catheter hub locks onto the introducer hub. This enables easy exchange of the long catheter, if needed.
  • Long catheter material is kink-resistant polyurethane, embedded with MILA’s anti-thrombogenic formula designed to reduce thrombosis and catheter occlusion.
  • Kit includes catheter over needle and long catheter with wire stylet packaged in the drum.
  • DESCRIPTION                                                                                                   CODE #
  • 24Ga x 20cm (8in) with 22Ga Introducer                                                            LLD2420
  • 24Ga x 30cm (12in) with 22Ga Introducer                                                          LLD2430
  • 22Ga x 20cm (8in) with 20Ga Introducer                                                            LLD2220
  • 22Ga x 30cm (12in) with 20Ga Introducer                                                          LLD2230
  • 20Ga x 20cm (8in) with 18Ga Introducer                                                            LLD2020
  • 20Ga x 36cm (14in) with 18Ga Introducer                                                          LLD2036