Epidural Pain Management Kit

  • 90cm/36in epidural catheter with wire stylet.
  • Closed end with side holes.
  • Cut to desired length – catheter will not crush.
  • Use with MILA administration pumps (see page 40).
  • Kit includes catheter with wire stylet, tuohy introducer needle, loss of resistance syringe, filter, luer lock catheter clamp, blade, drape, and tape measure.
  • DESCRIPTION                                                                                                      CODE #
  • 24Ga catheter – 20Ga x 4.5cm (1.75in) tuohy needle                                               9243
  • 20Ga catheter – 18Ga x 7.5cm (3in) tuohy needle                                                    9203
  • 20Ga catheter – 18Ga x15cm (6in) tuohy needle                                                      9206