Equivizor Anesthesia

Sizes: Foal (EQ0006), Pony (EQ0007), Cob (EQ0008), Full (EQ0009)equine mask

Head and Eye Protection after Surgery: The EQUIVIZOR Anesthesia

The EQUIVIZOR Anesthesia is the heavy weight champ of head and eye protection.

It can be used after eye surgery as it provides full head protection post anesthesia. It helps to prevent additional injury when the horse is thrashing about upon waking.

It is constructed from a sturdy 13 mm thick EVA, buffered to 35 mm in areas which require more protection around the eyes, cheeks and the poll region.  The eyes are protected by a UV-resistant mesh that opens in the middle with a zipper, allowing easy access to the eyes. Its innovative design with wholes at the forehead and sides allows a steady ventilation. The horse’s ears are outside the mask ensuring greater comfort and stability.