Equivizor Recovery

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Eye Protection : The EQUIVIZOR Recovery equi recov

This new design is for horses

  • suffering Uveitis
  • recovering from eye surgery
  • with habitual eye scratching

The Equivizor Recovery Vizor design provides maximum protection to the eyes and prevents further injury during recovery from surgery.

Made in clear soft PVC it’s specific design gives the animal a maximum distance between mask and eyes. The wholes over the nose and on the forehead ensure a convenient climate under the mask. The included mesh allows protection against UV-light and flies. The mesh is easily fixed with a velcro fastener under the head and with a quick-release fastener behind the ears.

The mask is also obtainable in a tinted version. High UV-protection is feasible in combination of tinted mask and mesh – to reliably protect horses with photosensitive eyes.

The Equivizor Recovery comes in sizes COB FULL and X/LARGE