Fungitraxx 50ml

Active Ingredient: Itraconazolefungitraxx

What is Fungitraxx?

Fungitraxx is a veterinary medicine that contains the active substance itraconazole. It is available as a solution to be given by mouth.

What is Fungitraxx used for?

Fungitraxx is used to treat ornamental birds with two types of fungal infections of the respiratory tract (aspergillosis and candidiasis). It can be used to treat aspergillosis in cockatoos, parrots, parakeets, budgerigars, falcons, hawks, owls and swans, and also to treat candidiasis in cockatoos, parrots, parakeets and budgerigars. It is given by mouth at a dose of 5 to 10 mg itraconazole per kg bodyweight each day for 8 weeks for aspergillosis, and 10 mg per kg daily for 2 weeks for candidiasis.

How does Fungitraxx work?

Itraconazole is an antifungal medicine. It works by blocking the production of a compound in the fungus called ergosterol which is an important part of fungal cell membranes. By blocking production of this compound, itraconazole leads to the breakdown of the fungal cells, killing the fungus or preventing it from spreading.

How has Fungitraxx been studied?

A field study was performed with 62 birds with aspergillosis (cockatoos, parrots, parakeets, budgerigars, falcons, hawks, owls and swans) and 18 birds with candidiasis (cockatoos, parrots, parakeets and budgerigars). For aspergillosis, birds were included if the presence of Aspergillus fungi in air sacs was confirmed and, for candidiasis, birds were included if clinical signs of candidiasis were present and infection was confirmed. The measure of effectiveness was disappearance of sleepiness, reduced appetite and loss of bodyweight and disappearance of aspergillosis or candidiasis.

What benefit has Fungitraxx shown during the studies?

The field study showed that Fungitraxx is effective in treating aspergillosis (with 56 out of 62 birds successfully treated) and candidiasis (with all birds successfully treated).