Oralade 500ml

Oralade 500mlORALADE

A ready to use palatable isotonic oral rehydration for dogs and cats. Ready to use solution administered either orally or via managed feeding

– Isotonic solution provides fast effective hydration
– Chicken flavour aids palatability

This product should be administered under veterinary supervision in the treatment of dehydration and electrolyte loss; following diarrhoea, vomiting or to support postoperative care. Oralade could also be used during pregnancy, whelping, lactating and weaning.

Why Oralade is a benefit for the clinic and their patients
– Oralade is a pasteurised blend of chicken liver, salts, sugars and amino acids – perfectly balanced to provide the right solution for rehydration and early nutrition
– Tasty, palatable broth – dogs do not object to the taste, which helps an early recovery
– Liquid form – goes easily through a syringe or nasal feeding tube if necessary
– Pre-mixed – no sachets or mixing required. Use it straight out of the bottle
– Made with demineralised water – no chlorine taste!

Even more advantages for the clinic
– Approx. 22% dogs and 16% cats undergo treatment that involve oral rehydration
– Approx. 27% dogs and 25% cats undergo the need for IV Fluid therapy
– Approx. 20% of IV cases could be treated with Oralade

Oralade is less expensive and easier to administer than IV fluids. The pet owner can also continue treatment at home.

Oralade Handout