Povidone Antiseptic Solution 500ml

Povidone Antiseptic Solution VSPI anti sol 500ml 2013

Size: 500ml

Indications: is a rapid acting, non-irritating, aqueous Povidone- Iodine solution for the micrbicidal preparation of operative sites. Also for the decontamination of broken, infected skin.


• For pre- and post-operative skin preparation where a dry field is not required. • Provides effective decontamination of broken infected skin and other sensitive

areas. Prepping eyes: periorbital areas, ocular surface / conjunctival sac (diluted). • A piece of non-adherent dressing backed with cotton wool bandaged to the area for 30 mins will give a substantial reduction in spore-bearing organisms.

Benefits: Detergent-free: for use on more sensitive areas.

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