Securos PAX System

PAX Advanced Locking SystemPAX KITS

Osteosynthesis Set Lockable screw and plate set with instruments for fracture treatment in veterinary medicine.


“The Pax system has dramatically increased our surgical options for repairing complex fractures. Not onlydoesitallowustoincorporatealltheadvantages thatlockingplateshavetooffer,butalso,theabilityto anglescrewsandstillmaintainlockingstabilityisvery useful. The implant and instrumentation sets are also thoughtfullydesignedforeasyintraoperativeuse.”

Matthew Barnhart, DVM, MS, DACVS MedVet, OH

“The advantages of a locking plate coupled with the ability for screw angulation make the Pax a versatile implant system. With indications from diaphyseal fractures to articular fractures, the Pax greatly enhancesthearmatureoftheorthopedicsurgeon.”

Fred Pike, DVM, DACVS Veterinary Specialty Hospital, CA

“We have found the Pax system to be quite versatile. We have used it for everything from simple fractures to bilateral pancarpal arthrodeses. The flexibility of the plate makes it easy to contour, the multiple sizes of implants make the system useful in a variety of situations, and the locking system is quite unique. The greatest thing about this system is the locking mechanism.Thetwodifferencesinthislockingsystem that are most useful are the ability to place screws at almost any angle and the fact that if adjustments need to be made during the repair the screws can be loosenedandwillrelockintotheplate.“

Christopher L. Horstman, DVM, MS, DACVS Las Vegas Veterinary Referral Center,