StartCheck PCR Test

PCR based methods are now being used increasingly in  mastitis diagnostics with good reliability, complementary to bacteriological culture (Bennedsgaard and Katholm, 2011). A new PCR methodology has been described as a fast and reliable diagnostic tool for major mastitis causingpathogens detection, in bulk tank milk (BTM) samples (STARTCHECK®) (Valls et al, 2010).

What is StartCheck?

It is an assessment on mastitis major pathogens prevalence using a PCR Test (Polymerase Chain Reaction) :

  • Staphyloccus aureus,
  • Coagulase negatieve staphylococci
  • E-coli
  • Other coliform bacteria

N.B Startcheck will only identify whether the above bacteria are present on a particular farm!!

Preparations for using StartCheck

Fill out data on information sheet. N.B Email address must be filled out as it is the ONLY way the results are sent out. Results are sent to Veterinary Surgeon ONLY and not the Farmer. Veterinary Surgeon will receive results within 1 week.

Instructions on taking Samples:

  1. Do not touch circles with hands in case of DNA cross contamination. Always wear gloves when using Startcheck.
  2. Use ONE PIPETTE per circle, empty pipette TWICE onto each circle
  3. 1 circle = bulk tank
  4. 2 circle = Mastitis pool of cows – group of cows milk that have a history of mastitis
  5. Label both circles (e.g Bulk, Mastitis cows)
  6. Allow card to dry for approximately 1 hour and then place in plastic bag supplied with dryer.
  7. Place bag and information sheet in envelope.

N.B – Milk can be tested with antibiotics using PCR test. No need for refrigeration.



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