Viyo Recuperation Cat 150ml

To obtain optimal recuperation, Viyo Recuperation should be given for at least a period of 14 consecutive days.

Recuperation is restoring the normal health status of the animal. Definition of recuperation: Recuperation by definition means restoring the animal back to normal health status.

Viyo Recuperation is a highly palatable recuperation fluid. We found that the main drivers for animals to recuperate should be delivered through a highly palatable liquid formulation, enabling the most important nutrients to be absorbed quickly and efficiently in the gut of the animal.

Viyo Recuperation offers the solution for recuperation problems of postsurgical, debilitated and weakened cats and dogs of all ages

In a veterinary clinic Viyo Recuperation is used for 3 major indications: (a) post surgically with a minimal risk of vomiting, where the ideal time to begin using Viyo is 2 hours after surgery, (b) debilitated and weakened older pets, and (c) to boost the health of puppies and kittens.

It has successfully been used in stressed animals that are in boarding facilities, gastrointestinal patients with Parvovirus and Pancreatitis, and also liver and renal failure dogs and cats. These pets that are stressed and immunosuppressed have benefited from Viyo Recuperation.

 Content: 1 bottle of 150 ml, leaflet and measuring cup

1-pack_3D-simulatie-cat-ENDosage : 2ml per kg/ once a day

Contra indication : Allergic to chicken

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