Category: Anti Fungal

BeeHeel repairs the skin while providing a protective barrier and allowing the skin to breath and heal even in wet and muddy conditions. BeeHeel is formulated to moisturise and aid horse recovery for severe mud issues such as mud rash, skin irritations, rubs, cuts or abrasions. BeeHeel prevents drying cracking and chapping of skin during the healing process. For horses. Read more [...] [...]
CoxyCrypt is suitable for application where controlling coccidia oocytes, worm eggs, and worm larvae is especially important. Suitable for use in home and commerical premises including farms, veterinary establishments, stables, yards, kennels, runs, animal housing and animal quarantine housing prior to re-stocking. Highly effective against: * Enveloped and non-enveloped viruses * Bacteria, fungi and other microscopic parasites including protozoa. * Eliminates the persistant parasitic stages Read more [...] [...]