Category: Ear / Eye Treatments

For upper or lower lid. Single stick insertion method. Soft non-irritating disk and tubing. Allows application of eye medication away from the site. Easily used in clinical and farm setting. Kit includes 12Ga straight or 10° angled trocar, catheter, eyelid lifter, suture devices, extension tube, luer lock adapter, tongue depressor, tethered cap, and needle free port. Repair kit (#6615) includes tubing 30" long, cannula for connecting tubes, 18Ga and 20Ga catheter, tongue depressor, Read more [...] [...]

Recicort 1.77 mg/ml + 17.7 mg/ml ear drops, solution for dogs and cats.

Ear drops, solution for treating Otitis externa and symptomatic treatment of seborrhoeic dermatitis of the auricle.