Category: Oral Fluid Therapy

Deliver topical anesthetic to the nose, throat, hypo pharynx, vocal cords, larynx, and trachea prior to airway manipulation such as intubation, endoscopy, rhinoscopy, and soft palate exam. The benefit is a reduced gag and sensation, reducing pulse, and blood pressure response to intubation. Atomize medication into a fine mist of particles 50-80 microns. 15Fr (4.7mm) tip x 6.5 inch (15cm) malleable, conformable tube for targeted deposition of medication. 5cc syringe is recommended for accurate Read more [...] [...]

Activated Charcoal

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Fluid Therapy Pump

Use this one-stage esophageal balloon dilation feeding tube for palliative management of benign esophageal stricture and for feeding of cats and dogs. This is an effective, single-procedure alternative to repeated expensive balloon dilations, and incorporates the esophageal feeding tube. DESIGN: The E-tube has a double balloon surrounding the tube. A compliant outer balloon covers a non-compliant inner balloon for optimal, low profile, long term, routine at home dilation of strictures. E-tube Read more [...] [...]

Glycerol Plus

* For oral use in calves.
* Prevention or reduction of diarrhoea due to diagnosed Crypto
sporidium parvum infection.
* Demonstrated reduction of oocysts excretion in both cases.


Oral Rehydration