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Universal spike, 224cm (88in) tubing, roller clamp, slide clamp, one injection site located 11 inches above distal end, spin connector. Priming volume = 25.6ml Code: 175250 Universal spike, 261cm (103in) tubing, roller clamp, slide clamp, two injection sites located 9 inches and 87 inches above distal end, spin connector. Priming volume = 28ml Code: 175255   Read more [...] [...]
Administration set with vented spike, 76 inch tubing (190cm), drip chamber, rotating luer lock, roller clamp and injection site. Replacement for the discontinued BD15 Drop Set. Priming Volume = 13.3ml Code: 175278 Read more [...] [...]
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Description: A pressurised cuff for rapid intravenous infusion and other occasions where fluid under pressure is required e.g irrigation of op side or wounds.  The cuff has the capacity for up to 1 litre and is easy to use with high quality dial and inflation system, simple to use and load with zip fastenings.

High flow infusion set includes spike, 10 feet of tubing, clamp, and spin luer lock. Fits basic peristaltic pump. DESCRIPTION                                                                                                    CODE # Tubing -10 feet (300cm)                                                                                         175499 Read more [...] [...]
Deliver topical anesthetic to the nose, throat, hypo pharynx, vocal cords, larynx, and trachea prior to airway manipulation such as intubation, endoscopy, rhinoscopy, and soft palate exam. The benefit is a reduced gag and sensation, reducing pulse, and blood pressure response to intubation. Atomize medication into a fine mist of particles 50-80 microns. 15Fr (4.7mm) tip x 6.5 inch (15cm) malleable, conformable tube for targeted deposition of medication. 5cc syringe is recommended for accurate Read more [...] [...]
Safety Injection Cap (8080) has a built-in stop to prevent accidental tubing or technician puncture. Tethered Cap (8090) attaches to the catheter or extension hub to cover the injection site. Bi-Directional Valve Cap (8095 & 8090) for direct attachment of an IV administration line or syringe. Includes a tethered cap (8090). MicroClave (8098) is a one-piece, closed, needle-free connector. Labeled for saline flush. Heparin not required. Stemless Luer Lock Cap (8099) 10 pack, non-sterile. Clamshell Read more [...] [...]
High performance pressure infusor. Provides easy view of fluid bag and fluid level. Special built-in hook allows fluid bag to be replaced without removing pressure infusor from hanging device. DESCRIPTION                                                                                                         CODE # 1000ml cuff with squeeze bulb and 3-way stopcock                                               Read more [...] [...]
Choose either a closed or vented vial adaptor. 100% protection against aerosols and vapors. Dripless. Mechanically and microbiologically closed with no coring needles. Expandable chamber with barrier film captures aerosols and vapors without compromising sterility. Cleared by the FDA under the ONB code and proven to prevent microbial ingress for up to four days. No need to prime valve with non-filtered air. Multi-use, vapor free with dry connector that remains free of drug residuals Read more [...] [...]
Improved - Now available with Y injection site Economical large bore (30Fr x 300cm/120in) non-vented Y-set with 2 spikes, 3 clamps, roller flow adjustment, and spin luer lock adapter. Needle free injection port. Code: 8V0002 Read more [...] [...]
Catheter saving ‘normally closed valve’. The valve is bi-directional for infusion and sampling. High flow or small bore tubing. Spin luer lock. Select caps or connect to an IV line. DESCRIPTION                                                                                                         CODE # High Flow - 13Ga x 45cm (18in)                                                             Read more [...] [...]
Easily adjust infusion rate from 10ml/hour up to 350ml/hour when used with gravity system. When used with pressurized system, flow is four times faster. Tube length is 18in (45cm). Code: 175480 Read more [...] [...]
Ideal for uterine flush. Includes high flow spike, clamp, and graduated adapter for 20-40Fr tubes. DESCRIPTION                                                                                                   CODE # Length 30cm (12in) Priming volume = 8ml                                                         175490 Length 60cm (24in) Priming volume = 20ml                                       Read more [...] [...]
DESCRIPTION High flow set includes drip chamber, pinch clamp, and spin luer lock. Total length is 72.5cm (29in). 12 drops/ml Priming Volume = 23ml Code: 7350 DESCRIPTION High flow set includes drip chamber, six foot (180cm) tubing, pinch clamp, injection site, and spin luer lock. 12 drops/ml Priming Volume = 42ml  Code: 175497 DESCRIPTION High flow infusion set includes vented spike, six foot (180cm) tubing, injection site, clamp, and spin luer lock. 12 drops/ml Priming Read more [...] [...]
10ml fluid reservoir. Choose desired delivery time. Single use and disposable. Lightweight - 19 grams. Large bore outlet tubing prevents occlusion. Battery powered - fill the fluid reservoir and press the start button. Accuracy rate better than +/– 10%. DESCRIPTION                                                                                                         CODE # 0.06ml/hr – 7 day delivery             Read more [...] [...]
Simple and Economical. The MILA CHEMO Safety System is designed to fully protect veterinary healthcare personnel from exposure to hazardous drugs. The systems allow for safe handling of hazardous injectable drugs while optimizing safety, simplicity and the cost of care. The use of a closed system transfer device in conjunction with other safety precautions is a proven way to increase safety levels when preparing, transporting, administering, and disposing of hazardous drugs. Universal spike, Read more [...] [...]
Open end silicone heavy wall catheter for the lavage of selected segments of the lung fields using the nasotracheal approach. Distal balloon can be inflated to prevent retrograde fluid flow. 50cc balloon volume. Proximal two-way fitting allows simultaneous connection for both irrigation and aspiration. Reuseable. DESCRIPTION                                                                                                         CODE Read more [...] [...]
Deliver a small amount of medication quickly. This set allows pressurization when used with squeeze bulb (Item #175590) of a bag or bottle. Replacement for the discontinued Abbott secondary venoset. Tubing length is 23in (58cm). Code: 175720 Read more [...] [...]
Economical. Frees technician from doing slow manual infusion. Spring driven - No battery or electrical requirements. Decreased use of high-tech capital equipment for non high-tech situations. Accuracy rate +/– 15%. DESCRIPTION                                                                                                         CODE # Syringe Pump – 10ml Reuseable                                         Read more [...] [...]
Open end silicone catheter. Soft 50cc balloon cuff ideal for embryo transfer. Y-adapter tube assembly includes line to fluid source, drain line and graduated adapter line to catheter. Reuseable. DESCRIPTION                                                                                                          ITEM # 34Fr x 80cm (32in) catheter with 50cc balloon cuff                                           Read more [...] [...]