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Micronised Aluminium Spay 200ml Aluspray forms a barrier for wounds on all animals. Completely covering the wound and without damaging the wound tissue. An excellent preventative spray against bacteria, dirt, flies and insects on wounds.   Read more [...] [...]

Instrument Cleaner

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Footcheck Disinfectant

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Medicated Shampoo

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Cage Disenfectant Spray 500ml – Cleaning agent for cleaning out cages.

Odour Eliminator 325ml – kills any smells left behind after pet fouls a particular area. Stops pets from fouling the same spot again and again

Pet Fresh 325ml – keep your dog fresh with this odour eliminator

Stainaway 325ml – Removes stains from carpets and other materials that your pet might have stained




Povidone Antiseptic Solution  Size: 500ml Indications: is a rapid acting, non-irritating, aqueous Povidone- Iodine solution for the micrbicidal preparation of operative sites. Also for the decontamination of broken, infected skin. USES:  • For pre- and post-operative skin preparation where a dry field is not required. • Provides effective decontamination of broken infected skin and other sensitive areas. Prepping eyes: periorbital areas, ocular surface / conjunctival sac (diluted). Read more [...] [...]