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Micronised Aluminium Spay 200ml Aluspray forms a barrier for wounds on all animals. Completely covering the wound and without damaging the wound tissue. An excellent preventative spray against bacteria, dirt, flies and insects on wounds.   Read more [...] [...]

Instrument Cleaner

CoxyCrypt is suitable for application where controlling coccidia oocytes, worm eggs, and worm larvae is especially important. Suitable for use in home and commerical premises including farms, veterinary establishments, stables, yards, kennels, runs, animal housing and animal quarantine housing prior to re-stocking. Highly effective against: * Enveloped and non-enveloped viruses * Bacteria, fungi and other microscopic parasites including protozoa. * Eliminates the persistant parasitic stages Read more [...] [...]
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Footcheck Disinfectant

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Medicated Shampoo

* For oral use in calves.
* Prevention or reduction of diarrhoea due to diagnosed Crypto
sporidium parvum infection.
* Demonstrated reduction of oocysts excretion in both cases.

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Cage Disenfectant Spray 500ml – Cleaning agent for cleaning out cages.

Odour Eliminator 325ml – kills any smells left behind after pet fouls a particular area. Stops pets from fouling the same spot again and again

Pet Fresh 325ml – keep your dog fresh with this odour eliminator

Stainaway 325ml – Removes stains from carpets and other materials that your pet might have stained




Povidone Antiseptic Solution  Size: 500ml Indications: is a rapid acting, non-irritating, aqueous Povidone- Iodine solution for the micrbicidal preparation of operative sites. Also for the decontamination of broken, infected skin. USES:  • For pre- and post-operative skin preparation where a dry field is not required. • Provides effective decontamination of broken infected skin and other sensitive areas. Prepping eyes: periorbital areas, ocular surface / conjunctival sac (diluted). Read more [...] [...]
The all new VETAGENE HLD4V has been specially formulated to provide an environmentally friendly, economic and yet effective alternative to other products on the market. VETAGENE HLD4V High Level Surface Disinfectant can be used for all reception areas, surfaces and equipment in veterinary surgeries and for all disinfection applications in kennels, catteries and other animal habitats. VETAGENE HLD4V is: Bactericidal – Fungicidal – Virucidal – Sporicidal Highly effective against Parvo. Read more [...] [...]