Category: IMEX – External Skeletal Fixation

Intramedullary Pin 1/16  x 9

Intramedullary Pin 1/4 x 12 

Intramedullary Pin 1/8 x 9 TT/SMOOTH

The large SK™ ESF starter kit provides a variety of components and instruments needed to perform patient surgeries on medium to large and even giant breed patients. The large SK™ ESF starter kit is our most robust fixator and allows very simple frames to function well in medium to large patients. When patients are giant breeds, more complex frame geometry is available as needed. The medium ESF pin is most commonly utilized with this frame. SK™ ESF starter kits can be ordered to include Read more [...] [...]
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. Autoclavable cloth bag with labeled pockets for various sizes of IM pins and K-wires. Recently redesigned for increased durability by adding: • heavy duty, two-ply folds to prevent pin puncture and tears • thicker fabric to withstand continuous autoclaving • pre-shrunk, long lasting tie straps for secure tie off • solid edge binding to preserve seams Read more [...] [...]

Small External Fixation