Category, Needles & Syringes

Reliable guidewire introduction technique. 22Ga x 6cm (2.5in) Constructed of PTFEm with flexible suture wing. Set includes 22Ga needle, wire, and catheter.

Code: AR2206- Arterial Catheter

Silicone fluted drain. Length of fluted area = 20cm (8in) Ideal for peritoneal dialysis. Can trim overall length. DESCRIPTION                                                                                                       CODE # 8mm Flat                                                                                                                     BL8 8mm Flat Read more [...] [...]
11Ga x 10cm (4in) double diamond aspiration needle, obturator pushing rod, probe guide, and luer lock cap. Code: BMAN - Bone Marrow Aspiration Needle Read more [...] [...]
Safety Injection Cap (8080) has a built-in stop to prevent accidental tubing or technician puncture. Tethered Cap (8090) attaches to the catheter or extension hub to cover the injection site. Bi-Directional Valve Cap (8095 & 8090) for direct attachment of an IV administration line or syringe. Includes a tethered cap (8090). MicroClave (8098) is a one-piece, closed, needle-free connector. Labeled for saline flush. Heparin not required. Stemless Luer Lock Cap (8099) 10 pack, non-sterile. Clamshell Read more [...] [...]
Open-end with two large side holes. Depth marks. PVC material. Includes clamp, barbed adapter, 3 feet (90cm) of sterile bubble tubing, packaged separately. DESCRIPTION                                                                                         CODE # 16Fr x 27cm (10.8in)                                                                                        CTT16 20Fr x 42cm (16.8in) Read more [...] [...]
Set includes vented bag spike, 90cm (36in) tubing and bi-directional valve. Use for various flushing needs - BAL, joint, ear, wound, ovum pickup. The bi-directional valve allows for repeat aspiration from the bag and controlled flushing without opening the system. Eliminates the need to pre-fill syringes. Spike the flush medium, attach syringe to female luer of valve, fill syringe, flush, then repeat process. Code:  CFS36- Controlled Flushing Set Read more [...] [...]
MRI Compatible Reuseable Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Recommended Low Pressure Cuff DESCRIPTION                                                                                                        CODE # 2mm ID, 4.0mm OD - 12Fr x 14cm (5.5in)                                                              ETC20 3mm ID, 4.7mm OD - 14Fr x 16cm (6.4in)                                 Read more [...] [...]
16Ga x 30cm (12in) polyurethane catheter with micro ports in the distal end to evenly disperse fluid over 2 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, 7.5 inches or 9 inches. For delivery of pain medication or antibiotics directly to a surgical incision. Surgically place in the deepest layer of closure, or by using a 5Fr (#4205 or 4205.5) peel away introducer for wounds. Use with MILA administration pumps, a syringe, or IV pump for continuous infusion. DESCRIPTION                       Read more [...] [...]
Drum is a HANDS FREE advancement system designed to minimize touch contamination. Introduction technique: Catheter through catheter. The INTRODUCER CATHETER STAYS INDWELLING, and the long catheter hub locks onto the introducer hub. This enables easy exchange of the long catheter, if needed. Long catheter material is kink-resistant polyurethane, embedded with MILA’s anti-thrombogenic formula designed to reduce thrombosis and catheter occlusion. Kit includes catheter over needle and long Read more [...] [...]
90cm/36in epidural catheter with wire stylet. Closed end with side holes. Cut to desired length - catheter will not crush. Use with MILA administration pumps (see page 40). Kit includes catheter with wire stylet, tuohy introducer needle, loss of resistance syringe, filter, luer lock catheter clamp, blade, drape, and tape measure. DESCRIPTION                                                                                               Read more [...] [...]
Provide continuous localized infusion of antibiotics directly into the affected joint. A crush resistant 5Fr (16Ga) catheter is inserted using a 6Fr (14Ga) peel away introducer. The lightweight administration pump will hold up to 100ml. Two flow control tubes included, 0.8ml/hr and 2.5ml/hr. Code: 9100- Equine Joint Infusion Kit Read more [...] [...]
For equine transvaginal oocyte collection. Laminar flow, no ridges on collection side. Aspiration needle is 12Ga x 60cm (24in), stainless steel, double lumen, with an ultra sharp etched tip to improve visualization under ultrasound. Flushing and collection lines are 14Ga x 180cm (72in) pvc attached to a ‘Y’ adapter. #6 silicone bottle stopper with collection port and vent port. DESCRIPTION CODE # Oocyte Collection Set - Etched Tip Includes 12Ga needle assembly, flushing and Read more [...] [...]
Emergency delivery of fluid, medications, and blood products directly into the vascular system within seconds, via bone marrow. Stainless steel luer-lock catheter. Easy access for bone marrow aspiration. Very gentle. No bone splintering as with competitive systems. Training needles are non-sterile. Power driver has lithium sealed battery. DESCRIPTION                                                                                       Read more [...] [...]
Pressurize this set for high flow infusion using the Squeeze Bulb (#175590). Includes six foot (180cm) large bore tubing, drip chamber with blood filter, pressure vent, injection site, and spin luer lock. 15 drops/ml. Priming volume = 42ml Code: 175496 Read more [...] [...]
Two equal D shaped lumens for optimal high blood flow. Staggered exit ports designed to reduce recirculation. Soft polyurethane catheter designed to minimize catheter kinking. Flexible tip design for ease of placement and minimize risk of vascular trauma. Silicone extension lines for improved durability. Moveable clamp allows for anchoring at the insertion site. Rotating suture wing. Kit includes drape, scalpel, introducer, guidewire, dilator, catheter with silicone extensions and Read more [...] [...]
Placed by viewing the guttural pouch through an endoscope up one nostril and placing the catheter introducer up the other nostril. Non-irritating polyurethane catheter for extended treatment of the guttural pouch. Kit includes polyurethane catheter with coils, bendable introducer and attachable luer lock adapter. The catheter can be left in for days, secured to the halter and protected by a grazing muzzle or cut to desired length. Catheter dimension: 12Ga x 135cm (54 Inches) DESCRIPTION   Read more [...] [...]
Demonstrates placement of: Centesis Valve Diffusion/Wound Catheter Endotracheal Tubes - lateral and dorsal Epidural Catheter Foley Catheter Infu-Disk Nasogastric Feeding Tube Oxygen Catheter - nasopharyngeal & nasotracheal Peritoneal Lavage Thoracentesis Tracheostomy Tube Venous Access Catheters:- Guidewire insertion technique - Peel away insertion technique - Over-the-wire Catheter Exchange - PIC catheter Code: DVD100 - Instructional DVD Read more [...] [...]
Aspiration and injection needle (17Ga) with female luer lock. Ideal for lancing and injecting ethmoid hematomas and uterine cysts. DESCRIPTION                                                                                    CODE # 2.5mm x 190cm (76in)                                                                          LAN190 Read more [...] [...]
Long term catheter may be inserted in any vein. Polyurethane kink-resistant catheter can be cut to desired length. Secure female luer lock is placed onto catheter after insertion into vessel. Moveable wing provides method of secure attachment. Kit includes catheter, introducers, moveable suture wing (not available in LL2425) and female luer lock adapter. DESCRIPTION                                                                               Read more [...] [...]