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Universal spike, 224cm (88in) tubing, roller clamp, slide clamp, one injection site located 11 inches above distal end, spin connector. Priming volume = 25.6ml Code: 175250 Universal spike, 261cm (103in) tubing, roller clamp, slide clamp, two injection sites located 9 inches and 87 inches above distal end, spin connector. Priming volume = 28ml Code: 175255   Read more [...] [...]
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Micronised Aluminium Spay 200ml Aluspray forms a barrier for wounds on all animals. Completely covering the wound and without damaging the wound tissue. An excellent preventative spray against bacteria, dirt, flies and insects on wounds.   Read more [...] [...]


Reliable guidewire introduction technique. 22Ga x 6cm (2.5in) Constructed of PTFEm with flexible suture wing. Set includes 22Ga needle, wire, and catheter.

Code: AR2206- Arterial Catheter

High flow infusion set includes spike, 10 feet of tubing, clamp, and spin luer lock. Fits basic peristaltic pump. DESCRIPTION                                                                                                    CODE # Tubing -10 feet (300cm)                                                                                         175499 Read more [...] [...]
High flow collection set that attaches directly to venous catheter and vacutainer bottle. Set includes six foot (180cm) large bore tubing, injection site, drip chamber, and spin luer lock. Priming volume = 42ml Code: 175484 Read more [...] [...]
Safety Injection Cap (8080) has a built-in stop to prevent accidental tubing or technician puncture. Tethered Cap (8090) attaches to the catheter or extension hub to cover the injection site. Bi-Directional Valve Cap (8095 & 8090) for direct attachment of an IV administration line or syringe. Includes a tethered cap (8090). MicroClave (8098) is a one-piece, closed, needle-free connector. Labeled for saline flush. Heparin not required. Stemless Luer Lock Cap (8099) 10 pack, non-sterile. Clamshell Read more [...] [...]
High performance pressure infusor. Provides easy view of fluid bag and fluid level. Special built-in hook allows fluid bag to be replaced without removing pressure infusor from hanging device. DESCRIPTION                                                                                                         CODE # 1000ml cuff with squeeze bulb and 3-way stopcock                                               Read more [...] [...]
Balloon style cuff which enables insertion and removal without trauma after a stoma is formed. Can be easily replaced by the client. Kit includes patient care kit with a 6cc & 60cc syringes, right angle feeding set, bolus feeding set and care giver guide. Available in 14Fr, 16Fr, 18Fr, 20Fr and 24Fr sizes and lengths of 1.5cm, 2.0cm, 2.5cm, 3.0cm, 3.5cm, 4.0cm and 4.5cm. Length is from the proximal side of the balloon to the skin surface. DESCRIPTION                   Read more [...] [...]

35cm water manometer with four-way stopcock, 125cm (50 inch) extension, injection site and luer lock adapter.

Code: CVP35 – CVP Manometer

  Polycarbonate blowpipe with extension for capture of animals at low to medium distance. • Range: up to 15 m depending on the training of the shooter. Up to 7 m without extension. • For use with 11 mm diameter syringes (p.18). • Syringes fitted with PVC stabilizers. • The rubber end piece facilitates projection . • Easy to assemble. • Supplied in a rigid lightweight carrying case with shoulder strap Supplied with full standard equipment: Supplied with full standard Read more [...] [...]


Drum is a HANDS FREE advancement system designed to minimize touch contamination. Introduction technique: Catheter through catheter. The INTRODUCER CATHETER STAYS INDWELLING, and the long catheter hub locks onto the introducer hub. This enables easy exchange of the long catheter, if needed. Long catheter material is kink-resistant polyurethane, embedded with MILA’s anti-thrombogenic formula designed to reduce thrombosis and catheter occlusion. Kit includes catheter over needle and long Read more [...] [...]


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Dugnixin 50 mg/ml solution for injection for cattle, pigs and horses QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE COMPOSITION Each ml of the product contains: Active substance: Flunixin (as flunixin meglumine)                               50.0 mg (Equivalent to 82.9 mg de flunixin meglumine)   Excipients: Phenol                                                                                  Read more [...] [...]


Cotton Wool