Vitamin complexes and amino acids: suitable for cattle, horses, poultry, sheep, pigs, rabbits and bees. Liquid complementary feed, with a composition very high in: water-soluble VITAMINS and high availability AMINO ACIDS. All the amino acids are in levorotatory form, which confers a fast availability and high digestibility. For Bees:   For the preparation of the beehive for the spring. Increases the production rates of the bees. Stimulates the queen's laying and the development of the brood. Read more [...] [...]
Catheter-over-needle insertion method through the skin into the trachea. The semi-rigid flushing catheter has a stylet and luer adapter.The flushing catheter is packaged in a protective sleeve to allow handling without a glove. 10Ga x 2.25in steel introduction catheter with 12Ga x 70cm (28in) flushing catheter for horses and foals Code: TW1228 Choice of 14Ga introducers with 16Ga x 70cm (28 in) flushing catheter for large dogs and neonatal foals Code: TW1628 Read more [...] [...]
High performance pressure infusor. Provides easy view of fluid bag and fluid level. Special built-in hook allows fluid bag to be replaced without removing pressure infusor from hanging device. DESCRIPTION                                                                                                         CODE # 1000ml cuff with squeeze bulb and 3-way stopcock                                               Read more [...] [...]
High flow infusion set includes spike, 10 feet of tubing, clamp, and spin luer lock. Fits basic peristaltic pump. DESCRIPTION                                                                                                    CODE # Tubing -10 feet (300cm)                                                                                         175499 Read more [...] [...]
Deliver a small amount of medication quickly. This set allows pressurization when used with squeeze bulb (Item #175590) of a bag or bottle. Replacement for the discontinued Abbott secondary venoset. Tubing length is 23in (58cm). Code: 175720 Read more [...] [...]
Easily adjust infusion rate from 10ml/hour up to 350ml/hour when used with gravity system. When used with pressurized system, flow is four times faster. Tube length is 18in (45cm). Code: 175480 Read more [...] [...]
Ideal for uterine flush. Includes high flow spike, clamp, and graduated adapter for 20-40Fr tubes. DESCRIPTION                                                                                                   CODE # Length 30cm (12in) Priming volume = 8ml                                                         175490 Length 60cm (24in) Priming volume = 20ml                                       Read more [...] [...]
Pressurize this set for high flow infusion using the Squeeze Bulb (#175590). Includes six foot (180cm) large bore tubing, drip chamber with blood filter, pressure vent, injection site, and spin luer lock. 15 drops/ml. Priming volume = 42ml Code: 175496 Read more [...] [...]
High flow collection set that attaches directly to venous catheter and vacutainer bottle. Set includes six foot (180cm) large bore tubing, injection site, drip chamber, and spin luer lock. Priming volume = 42ml Code: 175484 Read more [...] [...]
Universal spike, 224cm (88in) tubing, roller clamp, slide clamp, one injection site located 11 inches above distal end, spin connector. Priming volume = 25.6ml Code: 175250 Universal spike, 261cm (103in) tubing, roller clamp, slide clamp, two injection sites located 9 inches and 87 inches above distal end, spin connector. Priming volume = 28ml Code: 175255   Read more [...] [...]